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Born and raised in New Mexico, I attended the University of New Mexico where I earned my undergraduate and graduate degrees under the supervision of Michael Dougher. After completing my Ph.D. in psychology 1994, I spent seven years as an assistant professor of Psychology at Florida International University in Miami.  During that time, my research focused on basic behavioral conditioning in humans and animals, but I always maintained an interest in neuroscience, sparked by many of the excellent neuroscience courses and faculty from my graduate training at UNM.   In 2001 I took an opportunity to leave my faculty post and retrain in neurobiology, focusing on the biophysics of excitable membranes and intrinsic plasticity of excitable cells. I worked as a postdoc from 2001 through 2007 in the laboratory of Dr. Philip Stoddard, while I was funded by a K01 mentored career development award from NIMH. During the summer of 2003 the Neural Systems and Behavior course at the Marine Biological Laboratory provided an invaluable kick-start for my new area of research.

in 2006 I moved to University of Texas at Austin, where I worked in the lab of Dr. Harold Zakon, who was instrumental in my retraining. My responsibilities also included teaching laboratory courses for the Section of Neurobiology at UT.

Most recently, I moved to the University of Oklahoma in Fall 2011, where I am now the Case-Hooper Associate Professor in the department of Biology.

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